Pros and Cons of Spring Races

Overall, there are two main road racing seasons: Spring and Fall. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and my past 3 races are good examples of some of the pros and cons of Spring events.

Against any advice I’d give any of my runners, I participated in 3 races over 3 weekends. 1st was the Rugged Maniac Mud Obstacle 5K. Next the Wrightsville Beach Marathon. And, rounding it up, was the Cooper Bridge Run 10k. Hence the first dilemma with Spring running – how to decide what to do!?!?!  Then to figure out if are any of them “A races”, or just all for fun?

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Getting Dirty is So Much Fun (Especially with Friends)!

My son plays hockey and in Charleston, that’s rare.  So, the fellow hockey families become a very close knit group.  For 2 years, 2 nights a week us hockey moms sat around the rink watching practice, talking about our daily stresses – mainly, how to fit everything in our busy days.  So when the season began this August, I decided to change things up.  I started a “Hockey Mom Bootcamp”.  We meet upstairs at the rink while the boys practice for an hour of a fun, butt kicking workout.

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