No Cheating!

IMG_0828Why is it that we all want to take the easy way out? Working hard can be so unappealing. Too much time. Too much effort. Or maybe it’s the fear of failure…? Personally I think the last one can lead us to cheat more than the other two. We cheat to succeed and we also cheat ourselves out of opportunities for fun and adventure because we say to ourselves “I could never do that!”

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Failure Is An Option

22196240_10213738274555752_4885443550701309449_nFailure, a word that we try to avoid, but an inevitable part of life. What happens when we fail?

Last week I tried to do a 1 X 2 iron-distance race with USA Ultra Tri at the Virginia Double Anvil (that’s 2.4 mile swim, 112 bike, and 26.2 X 2). My plan was to do one iron-distance race thursday and then turn around and do another one on Friday. The result — regretfully — failure. I raced the iron-distance race thursday, but tweaked my knee on the bike.  Luckily it didn’t hurt to run so I finished the race Thursday. I went to bed that night knowing I probably wouldn’t be able to race on Friday. When Friday morning came, I suited up and swam the 2.4 miles but as soon as I got on the bike my knee really hurt and after 12 miles I dropped out. My first DNF (Did Not Finish) ever. In endurance sports it’s bound to happen but it still stings.22195419_10213738274635754_4318780989191913638_n 22282052_10213738274755757_2691805209670469976_n

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Vacation Daze

18700088_10212503464646276_2354853711212407276_nHello again! It’s been a while since we wrote a blog post and we apologize. It’s the classic case of incredibly busy end of school year for the kiddos leading into the busy summer before we had time to breathe. Now, finally there is time to sit down, have some quiet time and get in to the rhythm of summer. And although our posts won’t be as frequent as during the ‘school year’ we will check in periodically and share our words of wisdom about begin active over the summer–whether we’re training, racing, exercising, or simply surviving!

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To Race or Not to Race

Although distance road racing season is winding down here in Charleston, it’s the beginning of a very fun triathlon season. This Sunday is the start of the Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series –-5 races over the summer from May to August. For me it’s a race filled with familiar faces of friends and competitors. I’ve had a great time racing this series over the years. HOWEVER, this year….I’m just not feeling like getting back in to race mindset. It’s VERY unusual for me. To race or not to race, that is the question for me.

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Racing Hills vs Flat

Living and training in the Lowcountry of South Carolina means unless I include a bridge on my route, I am running at sea level. Thanks to a regular strength training routine, I luckily have some leg power to help me up hills despite rarely training on them. Which is basically how I survived Portland and Boston last year.

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A “Mental” Race at the Boston Marathon

IMG_9396The Boston Marathon has come and gone and I was fortunate enough to run it this year for my 5th time. It is truly a magical race. Well, I can say that now. Last week I was slogging through a very difficult 26.2 miles. I was wondering if I could even make it the whole distance! But more of that in a bit, for now let me say that although my race last week was definitely a physical struggle, it was almost more mental race for me.

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Pros and Cons of Spring Races

Overall, there are two main road racing seasons: Spring and Fall. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and my past 3 races are good examples of some of the pros and cons of Spring events.

Against any advice I’d give any of my runners, I participated in 3 races over 3 weekends. 1st was the Rugged Maniac Mud Obstacle 5K. Next the Wrightsville Beach Marathon. And, rounding it up, was the Cooper Bridge Run 10k. Hence the first dilemma with Spring running – how to decide what to do!?!?!  Then to figure out if are any of them “A races”, or just all for fun?

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New Year, New Plans Part 2

Jennifer is a great planner and I really enjoyed learning about what she has planned for 2017. As for me, well I’m a little unfocused. I can’t really find an event that catches my eye as a must have. Of course my MAJOR goal is to stay injury free but that doesn’t count as a big race.  I’m not saying I don’t have anything on my calendar, but nothing that is huge…maybe this will be the year of lots of little things…we’ll see.

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Dear Santa…Part 2

merry-chritmas-images7Christmas is just over a week away and if you’re still looking for some gift ideas for your someone on your ‘nice’ list here are some of my favorite things from 2016:

1. As a Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete I get to try out a lot of their new products all the time. One new one that came out this year that I really really really like is called Fully Charged.fc It’s a great product to give you an energy boost before a long or tough workout or even just any workout or race. I use it on mornings before speed work and I also used it before two races that I did rather well in. I am so impressed with this product. Check it out!

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