Pros and Cons of Spring Races

Overall, there are two main road racing seasons: Spring and Fall. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and my past 3 races are good examples of some of the pros and cons of Spring events.

Against any advice I’d give any of my runners, I participated in 3 races over 3 weekends. 1st was the Rugged Maniac Mud Obstacle 5K. Next the Wrightsville Beach Marathon. And, rounding it up, was the Cooper Bridge Run 10k. Hence the first dilemma with Spring running – how to decide what to do!?!?!  Then to figure out if are any of them “A races”, or just all for fun?

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New Year, New Plans

Yes, we are both type A and have several plans already for the new year…I may even have some for 2018. Siobhan and I also have goals we share.  After our last few years, we have one ultimate objective – get through the year healthy and injury free.  We’ve yet to accomplish that, but maybe 2017 is the year!  I know we’d also like to expand our Miles with Moms following and to do that we need to become more active on our social media accounts and do a better job of promoting – so look for all of that in the next few months.  Then, of course we have some individual plans:

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Dear Santa…2016’s Idea List

It’s that time of year again! Dads and Santa pay attention.  Here are my favorite things (most with a good discount) of 2016 and some great gift ideas for the active woman in your life:

Race Entries

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The Offseason

IMG_5612Ahhh the offseason, a time for sitting, eating, and lazing about….right? Um, no. Ok, yes and no. Every athlete should take some time off during the year to recharge and recover from a season of racing. Often times the ‘holiday season’ is a great time to have an offseason. We’re busy with families and parties, the weather is getting cold, our bodies simply want to hibernate. It is a great time to back off of our strict training schedules, to exercise for fun rather than purpose. Our training becomes ‘exercise’ and is more flexible. However, if we don’t play our cards right we can rest so perfectly that we’re not ready for the new year of training and racing looming a few weeks away. A month of fun and sloth-like behavior can lead to 10-15 lb weight gain and lack of fitness. How SHOULD you approach the offseason and plan for the ‘beyond’? Follow these basic steps:

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Racing Friends

  1. IMG_7395This is a big week for Jennifer and I! We’re heading to Boston on Friday to run THE Boston Marathon on Monday. We’re so excited. This race weekend has been a year in the making — we both had to qualify, register, secure childcare while we’re gone, recover from injury, find an affordable place to stay, and get trained for the race. To say it’s been a difficult task is an understatement! Racing with a friend is great fun–or at least it can be if you have some ground rules in place. Good thing Jennifer and I have established these rules and are great racing friends!

1. If you’re traveling to a race with friends, make sure you have similar budgets and expectations for the weekend. You may see the weekend as a fun girls trip. You plan to live large, eat well, sleep little, and party! However, your friend may have a limited budget and want to focus only on the race, skipping the heavy meals and late nights. Jennifer and I usually have a game plan for each race we sign up for together. Disney races = fun races where we take a lot of pictures. Cooper River Bridge Run 10k = individual race – meet at the start and the finish. If we run together great, if not, no feelings are hurt.IMG_6638

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Race Week is Here!

daanmuller_bridgerun06_2I’m so excited. Race week is here, finally. It has been a long long time since I have competed in a race, but the Cooper River Bridge Run is this weekend, April 2nd. My last race was the end of September 2015. That’s a long break for me! During this hiatus I realized how much I miss racing. I got a taste of racing a few weeks ago when I ran 2 legs of Peyton’s Wild and Wacky 10x5k ultra marathon, for a total of 6.2 miles. It was absolutely wonderful to be back in the running community. I was able to support my friend by attending a race in honor of his son who passed away and I was able to reconnect with a lot of my running friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. However, for me it was more of a training run and not a race. Last year I raced the whole race….boohoo– I really really wanted to be able to do the whole thing this year but alas I’ll wait until next year (hopefully!).

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A look ahead at 2016

What does 2016 have in store for you? Jennifer and I are big planners so we have already started to map out some of our races and goals for 2016.  And as some of our previous posts have mentioned, it’s important to have a basic plan for the year so you can set goals and train appropriately.  Here are some of the things we have planned for the upcoming year!

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Our 2015 Year in Review

IMG_3347What a year!  We both qualified for Boston 2016 (and got in!).  We became Skirt Sports Ambassador Captains, dealt with injury, and traveled far and wide for races.  In a brief summary, we will both talk about our highlights, favortite races and medals, and overall opinion of 2015.

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Pre-Race Preperation

This last year I have been privileged to coach many runners through their first races.  We get through training and then panic sets as we discuss the race weekend.  Here are some pointers I have for the night before and morning of yoru race:

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