Go, Go, Go!  I love to be active and on the go.  Whether it’s my personal activities, or the kids’, I don’t sit still for long.  I’m always up for new challenges and new adventures.  Being a part of the running, biking, and swimming community has enriched my life in so many ways. These activities have become my daily sanctuary where I bond with friends, improve my health, and find my daily strength. I have lived all over the country and in each city I have made so many wonderful friends through training and racing.  When returning to visit these cities, the first plans I make are to get together for exercise. When separated, my friends and I will choose races where we can meet up.  I love the goal setting, training, and accomplishments that come through racing and my calendar is never empty because of it!
Currently I teach several group fitness classes a week, and coach runners from 5K’s to Marathons.  Turning my passion into my profession is a dream come true.