Out of the habit

IMG_1988You might have noticed that’s it’s been a looonnnngg time since our last blog post. Our last post was October and our post before that one was in June! What is up with us?? We talk about writing our blog all the time. We say we’re going to start up ‘next week’. We laugh about it, we plan it, but we never follow through. Well as the new year approaches we have vowed to get back on track. We plan to return to our regular blog posts to keep you entertained, provide a little information, and a lot of insight into our crazy workout, racing, and family lives.

As I was sitting down to write this post, I couldn’t help but recognize the parallel between our current blog situation and people who get out of the habit of exercising. I realized it’s so easy to fall out of the habit of doing an activity that was once second nature. For years Jennifer and I were in a good rhythm of writing, splitting writing duties so that we each write 2 blogs a month. However, our lives continue to evolveĀ — she’s working full-time and I’m working part-time, we’re driving our kids all over town for activities, etc. etc. — and as we evolve some stuff gets pushed aside (like doing laundry!) and this year our blog got shoved aside. We’re turning over a new leaf though.

How many people have experienced this with exercise? Unfortunately it’s so easy to ‘fall out of the habit’ of an exercise routine. As we get busy we prioritize different things. It’s much easier to sleep in than get up at 5:15 to go for a run. It might be more fun to hang out with the family on Saturday morning than go to a spin class – especially if it’s cold outside! As we get busy with work, it’s hard to find the time to fit in exercise. We would rather stare blindly at the computer screen looking over Facebook or the newest article on Yahoo than get changed and workout.

How do we fall back IN the habit of exercise (or in my case writing the blog:)?

  1. Schedule time- I’m such a nut about training/working out that I have my whole week of workouts planned out–even in to next week- When I’m training for a race, I write down all my workouts, but right now I simply have them mapped out in my head. I know which days are my running day, which days I’ll swim, when I’ll get on my bike trainer. I also have in my mind what time of day I’ll do each workout. It’s like I have a mental planner with the week all laid out. If I have a meeting on a certain day, I’ll get up a little earlier to get in my workout. Maybe I’ll have to switch a morning workout to an evening but I make sure to get that all worked out in my head well ahead of time. No excuses when you make your workout appointments with yourself.
  2. Pay money – money can be a huge motivator for some people. Join a gym or workout group like a bootcamp. Sign up for something like Orange Theory fitness that will charge you if you don’t show up for a class you’ve signed up for! Very motivating if you ask me.
  3. Just start again! I find that by starting up the activity again I remember how much I enjoyed it to begin with and how easy the whole process is. In writing this blog, I had in my head that it would take hours and hours to sit down and write something, when in reality once I got started it was much easier than that. I find it’s the same with exercise.IMG_1995 I’m always happy when I make it to the gym or to the pool. I really enjoy strength training once I get going, same with swimming. Going out for a run can be very simple if you set out your clothes, music, and water the night before. I never regret going out and exercising, but I always regret sleeping through an alarm or spending too much time on my phone…..

Good luck to you as we approach the new year. I know this is a time for ‘resolutions’ but I hope that you can find the joy in an old good habit (no, not bad habit, I’m trying to stay positive here!). It’s time to get back in the habit!


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