Vacation Daze

18700088_10212503464646276_2354853711212407276_nHello again! It’s been a while since we wrote a blog post and we apologize. It’s the classic case of incredibly busy end of school year for the kiddos leading into the busy summer before we had time to breathe. Now, finally there is time to sit down, have some quiet time and get in to the rhythm of summer. And although our posts won’t be as frequent as during the ‘school year’ we will check in periodically and share our words of wisdom about begin active over the summer–whether we’re training, racing, exercising, or simply surviving!

It seems fitting that our first summer post is about exercising while on vacation. I know we’ve talked about it before, but this time I’m going to take a different angle. In May I went on a “once in a lifetime” “bucket list” sail around the British Virgin Island on a catamaran trip with our friends, Shelly, Mark, Chris and Michela. We set sail from St. Thomas on an 8 day, 7 night trip of a lifetime. Eight days of island hopping with a captain, first mate/chef/bartender, and our friends. Island hop, anchor, snorkel, eat, drink, lounge, read, hop to new location. Ahhhhhh. This trip lived up to every expectation I had. It was beautiful. It was relaxing. It was fun. It was decadent. It was lazy. (Feel the Magic Boat Charters was AWESOME!)


The A team at Virgin Gorda

Yes, lazy. I mean how does one exercise on a small boat?? Oh don’t get me wrong, I had some grand plans before leaving for vacation–I was going to do squats and stationary lunges, pushups and planks, water running and swimming. I had big intentions. But then I thought about it. When was I ever going to get on a trip like this again? It was a total break from my crazy year. I knew my body needed a rest–especially coming off the Boston Marathon with a lingering back issue. So I said screw it. I was going to relax and drink the frozen drinks with coconut cream and coconut run. I allowed myself the opportunity to read 2 1/2 books. I talked with friends. Had a few beers. And I relaxed.


Bitter End run/hike with Chris and Michela (and Cpt. Hank)


Jost Van Dyke, View from our run/walk…it was steep!

HOWEVER, luckily I was onboard with people who are typically quite active. In fact, Chris was training for a 100 miler in July. Ultimately we found a few opportunities to exercise, but we weren’t fanatics. We went on three run/walk/hikes– but saw it more as an opportunity to explore new islands rather than get a good workout in. I chose to swim to shore rather than take the dingy several times (and was joined by john and my friends several times too). One morning I woke up early and swam to shore and back as a short workout. It was beautiful and peaceful. And finally, and perhaps most fun of all, we would randomly have 1 minute plank sessions– on the back of the boat, the front of the boat, on the beach, before snorkeling, after lounging in the water all day, or before dinner. It started out with just Shelly and I, but by the end the whole boat was in on it and we even extended the time.


The Plank Crew, Anegada, BVI

My vacation exercise was fun, funny, and peaceful. No time goals. No minimum reps.  No hitting certain intensities. A little mental break from the decadence to connect to a part of my normal self. And it was JUST what I needed. I’m so thankful I allowed myself to take a total break. I needed it and my body needed it. I came back from vacation several pounds heavier, but it was worth it. I’m now back to my ‘old’ self– up and working out by 5:30 most days– but I’m happier and my body is ready to start training now. I just wish those extra lbs were as easy to work OFF as they were to put ON.

Hammer on friends and enjoy your summer! -Siobhan

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