To Race or Not to Race

Although distance road racing season is winding down here in Charleston, it’s the beginning of a very fun triathlon season. This Sunday is the start of the Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series –-5 races over the summer from May to August. For me it’s a race filled with familiar faces of friends and competitors. I’ve had a great time racing this series over the years. HOWEVER, this year….I’m just not feeling like getting back in to race mindset. It’s VERY unusual for me. To race or not to race, that is the question for me.


I’ve said many times before in this blog (and to anyone who asks me and will listen;)–I love training plans. I love goals. I like have a workout schedule each week and month with a distant or not so distant goal in mind. But I have to say, after this past year I’m .. gasp… a little burned out. This was by far one of the most stressful and busiest years in recent history for me. I was super busy with my children’s school (You can still call me Madame President for a few days…then I’m done!!) as well as helping out a family member over the year with various health related issues, and getting busier with my job at Blue Sky Endurance as a triathlon coach. In the midst of all this I raced a successful triathlon season, got injured, recovered, trained for a marathon and an ultra marathon, ran a 50k, and ran the Boston Marathon. This year has been a lot of good things, mixed with just plain stressful things. I’m pooped. I’m maxed out right now. It’s sort of weird that as my most stressful things are over now, I’m ready to step back from training. –Well not too weird when I consider the fact that I got another injury while running Boston–probably due to the fact I wasn’t strength training or stretching because I felt too busy..oops.

Wow this seems more like a therapy session than a blog post;)–

Where does that leave me now? Here is my plan:

  1. Focus on strength training and fix my muscular imbalances
  2. Try to focus on healthy eating..again
  3. Continue working out, staying in some type of swim, bike, run shape
  4. Return to yoga- For Mother’s Day I asked for and received a gift certificate from Gaea Yoga for 5 classes…ahhh
  5. Make a plan for the future future. Nothing big in the next month or twoyoga-pose

I feel the need to go back to basics. I’ve learned that although I can plow through my workouts and stick to my training plan ultimately it’s not best for my long term fitness. I should take this time to do a ‘reboot’. Especially as I get older…and older…I need to rethink my push to train at a high level year round. And I’m okay with that.. I really am… I think.

Hammer On friends! I’m going to chill out for a bit — Siobhan


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