Dear Santa…Part 2

merry-chritmas-images7Christmas is just over a week away and if you’re still looking for some gift ideas for your someone on your ‘nice’ list here are some of my favorite things from 2016:

1. As a Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete I get to try out a lot of their new products all the time. One new one that came out this year that I really really really like is called Fully Charged.fc It’s a great product to give you an energy boost before a long or tough workout or even just any workout or race. I use it on mornings before speed work and I also used it before two races that I did rather well in. I am so impressed with this product. Check it out!

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Dear Santa…2016’s Idea List

It’s that time of year again! Dads and Santa pay attention.  Here are my favorite things (most with a good discount) of 2016 and some great gift ideas for the active woman in your life:

Race Entries

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The Offseason

IMG_5612Ahhh the offseason, a time for sitting, eating, and lazing about….right? Um, no. Ok, yes and no. Every athlete should take some time off during the year to recharge and recover from a season of racing. Often times the ‘holiday season’ is a great time to have an offseason. We’re busy with families and parties, the weather is getting cold, our bodies simply want to hibernate. It is a great time to back off of our strict training schedules, to exercise for fun rather than purpose. Our training becomes ‘exercise’ and is more flexible. However, if we don’t play our cards right we can rest so perfectly that we’re not ready for the new year of training and racing looming a few weeks away. A month of fun and sloth-like behavior can lead to 10-15 lb weight gain and lack of fitness. How SHOULD you approach the offseason and plan for the ‘beyond’? Follow these basic steps:

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