Safety First

Fall is here and as it’s staying dark later in the morning, and will soon be darker earlier in the evening, it’s time for some tips and reminders on ways you can stay safe while out on the road. – If running in low light, please wear reflective clothing and a light! I’m obsessed with mylight new Nathan Orion Strobe LED light I purchased at Fleet Feet.  Hooks right to my belt, is super bright with strobe options, plus it’s rechargeable through your USB.  No batteries! – Be aware of your surroundings. Where I run in SC an alligator was found one morning on someones front porch.  I knew to watch for cars, strange people, even coyotes, but never had thought about alligators…until now!   gator – If wearing headphones, make sure to keep the volume low so you can allow for outside noise to be heard, or in the dark maybe only wear one earpiece. – When running near parked cars, be far enough away from the side in case someone opens a door suddenly. – Hydration is not only encouraged, but is a mater of safety.  In the heat and humidity make sure you carry fluids or have a route that allows you to stop for drinks.  This applies to cooler weather as well, when you may not realize how dehydrated you are getting compared to in the heat. – And last but not least, there is safety in numbers.  Try to find a imagerunning buddy to meet you for those runs in the dark.  Even your long runs it’s important to have a friend or group, to not only keep you going, but to make sure you are safe when out for such a long time period. Just remember safety first!  No run is worth putting yourself in danger.  And keep your eyes open for roaming gators! Happy Training, Jennifer For 20% off Skirt Sports use code MWM20 For 10% off the Myrtle Beach Diva Half Marathon use code JTDIVANMB17

Race Day – Expect the Unexpected

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but you NEVER know what will happen on race day.  Over the years, I’ve experienced my own mishaps, and have listened to countless stories from friends and other runners.  I hope, through some of these situations, you will learn to be prepared and expect the unexpected.

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Summer Reading Inspiration

img_7801Although the kids are in school and summer ended a few weeks ago, it’s still hot enough to remind me of my summer vacation. As such, I thought I would talk about two books I read over the summer that were inspirational in different ways. The books I read were Scott Jurek’s Eat & Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness and Chrissie Wellington’s A Life Without Limits: A World Champions Journey.

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