Getting Over Your Post Race Blues

Your race is over, now what?  That’s the question I’m dealing with right now.  For the last year and a half I’ve been focused on qualifying for Boston, getting in to Boston, training for Boston, and running Boston.  Mission accomplished.  I’m thrilled, but left asking myself what do I do now?  Here are a few ways I’m getting over my post race blues.

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Racing Friends

  1. IMG_7395This is a big week for Jennifer and I! We’re heading to Boston on Friday to run THE Boston Marathon on Monday. We’re so excited. This race weekend has been a year in the making — we both had to qualify, register, secure childcare while we’re gone, recover from injury, find an affordable place to stay, and get trained for the race. To say it’s been a difficult task is an understatement! Racing with a friend is great fun–or at least it can be if you have some ground rules in place. Good thing Jennifer and I have established these rules and are great racing friends!

1. If you’re traveling to a race with friends, make sure you have similar budgets and expectations for the weekend. You may see the weekend as a fun girls trip. You plan to live large, eat well, sleep little, and party! However, your friend may have a limited budget and want to focus only on the race, skipping the heavy meals and late nights. Jennifer and I usually have a game plan for each race we sign up for together. Disney races = fun races where we take a lot of pictures. Cooper River Bridge Run 10k = individual race – meet at the start and the finish. If we run together great, if not, no feelings are hurt.IMG_6638

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A Runner’s Rx List

4a01998cc85476d13a3302f7291bc4abThis weekend I turn 40.  I still remember when my parents turned 40.  It seemed so old!  But, I think I’m still so young…until I realize how my body isn’t exactly holding up the way I want it to.  Yes, part of that is the normal woes – saggy boobs, wrinkles, gray hair – but the more disturbing part is the increased ability I seem to have towards injury and fatigue.

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