Is it time to hire a coach?

Good-Running-FormThere are very few professional athletes in the world. Most of us do what we do day in and day out because we ENJOY it…or at least because we think that it’s good for us! Most of us follow the same exercise schedule every week. Monday, Wednesday Friday we go to spin or aerobics class, Tuesday & Thursday we run or swim. Whatever it is, there is not much variation each week. On a day to day basis this is fine, but long term this can lead to stagnation both mentally and physically. We might get bored with our routine and stop exercising. Physically our body will adapt to the same workload without continued gains in fitness, or ‘gasp’ a step back in fitness. A lot of people choose to sign up for a race to mix things up. That’s great! But If you are training for a race, changing up your routine is even more important, but changing it up the right way is crucial. There are many many many training plans out there for almost every distance race — 5k to marathon to ultramarathon, sprint triathlon to Ironman.

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