Our Most “REAL” Races #REALwomenmove


When Skirt Sport asked us to write a blog about our most ‘real’ race to go with the year long campaign of #REALwomenmove, I started to think about all the races I have done over the years. However, to find a race that I can define as my most real race was rather difficult. I was drawn to the ‘first’ of any race distance–first 5k race, first marathon, first triathlon, first ultra-marathon. While those races were self-defining in their own way, no one race stuck out as my most ‘real’ race. Until I remembered a race from way back in 2001, the St. George Marathon in Utah. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, this race was a defining moment for me. It paved the way to the person, the athlete I am today. This race ultimately opened doors for me that would have been closed had I not raced this race.

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Comrades Race Report

963852_10203794871575012_185070943455576939_oThe Comrades Marathon…an epic race and an epic experience. It really lived up to it’s place on my bucket list of races to do. To get an idea of the magnitude of this race, when South Africans learned that I had run the race, their first question to me was “did you finish?”. Wow, it’s THAT type of race….

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5 Tips for Staying Fit This Summer

This topic comes up every summer.  The kids are out of school, your routine has vanished, so when can you workout?  How can you stay fit when you are vacationing, bbqing, staying up later, and providing your kids with entertainment?  Here are 5 tricks to helping you get a workout in everyday:

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