When something ‘old’ becomes ‘new’ again

swimpic1I used to race triathlons all the time. For about 4 years I would race pretty much any distance triathlon that was available. I started with the shortest distance, the sprint, then tried olympic, half-ironman and ultimately the full ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 bike, 26.2 run). Most of my races were local, however, I did travel for some of the bigger races. After my first season of racing I started winning age group and overall awards– I was hooked and raced consistently for years.  But then my goals started to change, I returned to my first true love… running. My goals switched from triathlon to focusing more on going longer and then getting faster again. I wanted to test my limits in other ways and had to focus on one sport to become more successful in that sport, and for several years that was running. Sure I still swam regularly and did the occasional spin class, but my focus was running.

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Race Etiquette 101

Whether you are new to running races, or have a wall full of medals, there are some basic do’s and don’ts to follow on race day.

Before the race:

Corral Assignments – Stay put

If your race has corral assignments, please line up correctly.  Cutting corrals is not only breaking the rules, but can be a hazard.  If you are slower than the corral you cut up to, the runners will have to try and dodge around you, making their race start frustrating and possible dangerous.  IMG_1673Also, if you try and keep up with faster runners at the start, it could ruin your pacing and throw off your own race.  This goes for non-corral races too.  Usually there are pace flags to mark the general area you should line up.  If you know you are running with a group, have a stroller (if allowed) or are walking, please line up in the back.

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The ‘ugly’ side of exercise

photo-6We all know that all forms of exercise are good for us. Exercise helps the heart, makes us stronger and leaner, and for me personally helps my mental health as well! It keeps me sane. However, not all aspects of exercise are good for you or help you feel better, feel ‘pretty’. There are some ‘ugly’ aspects of exercise and I’m here to tell you to expect it and to embrace it. I plan to help you see the ‘ugly’ side as a badge of honor. Another medal that you can wear and feel proud…

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Looking at the Calendar and Keeping it Local

Back to school!  If you are an endurance athlete, you know that means it’s now time to look at our race calendars and figure out our fall, maybe even spring, schedule.  As I’m coming off injury, there isn’t a whole lot of “racing” I’m putting on my calendar right now.  My goal is to get healthy, and stay healthy – oh and maybe complete an event or two in the process.  I love it too much to go cold turkey.

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